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In almost everything we do, our hands are most used. So we need to take care of the most used part.If you are taking care of your garden or working in a steel mill, you need to protect our hands.The best way is to wear proper protection as "Care is better than Cure".

A good glove is te one that provides protection without effecting freedom of movement and sense of touch. Fr every kind of applications, there are certain gloves available.We have cretified and tested several gloves for different risks. Our expertise in providing right glove for right job is highlighted in our new edition of catalogue in your hand.

Whatever kind of condition it is, we have something to offer for your hands. Either it is against cold or heat,abrasive or smooth,thinner or heavier, we have something to take care of your hands.New material and high tech gloves have given very new dimensions to gloves industry and we are trying to keep up the level.

With our commitment,ability and expertise to supply wide range of gloves,we can improve your sourcing time,product quality and price level.Adapting and diversifying with the developments in standards and new technologies.

As you will be flipping across our catalogue,we will explain more about our developments and achievements which will tell you more about us.

Thank you